Friday, February 10, 2012

Chinese Bamboo

'Innocent in its imperfection', I quickly wrote into the journal I keep by my pillow before the rational mind wakes and presents its judgment. I instantly realized that the phrase I brought from the sleep space is about the “Orange Wings”. Formatted into a book and prepared for self-publishing, this collection of poetry has been ready to be shared with the world for some months now, and yet I have not done the last step, for I kept insisting on editing it to make it perfect.

While acknowledging that perfection is simply in an alignment with one’s personal path, in allowing one’s wisdom and accepting one’s personal power, I still felt stuck and resentful. Not only did I hold the book back, but the book also occupied my space very much like a grown child, and I could not move on with the new writing. This was the space I woke up into on the morning of February 1, 2012, looking for the signs to guide me, to make the next step with fervor.

Innocent in its imperfection… The phrase was deliciously elegant. I tuned in for more communications from the Collective Consciousness. In the past four years, it became a ritual. But it is not correct to say it all started after that car accident four years ago. The moment that changed my life dramatically was not the beginning, not a fall, but a peak of a mountain I have been climbing for many years leading to that moment. And what kept me on my path was paying attention, reading the signs, listening to my feelings.

Paulo Coelho’s books were a big part of my awakening for many years. His wisdom helped me to address many of the questions people would present me with. It also played a major role in the realization that I have a journey to take, and I have a story to tell. That’s how I started a blog, and I shared my poetry there along with the messages as I channeled them. I was bold in my writing; I was (somewhat) daring in sharing (some of) it on the web, and still something was missing.

The message I received that morning addressed my personal feelings, saying that I was worrying about a non-existent delay. It reminded me that we reside now in the unified field of consciousness where there is no linear time, whatsoever. And as such, what we are creating exists the moment we put our attention to it, instantaneously. I was also reminded of the tools we have mastered lately, and presented with some exciting ideas on how to apply it.

The main point of the message, though, was a pressing feeling that I need to look for the signs. I did, and a few minutes later I joined 3,000,000 readers and fans of Paulo. I read the post, smiled, and went back to my editing. However, the pressure was distracting. I reluctantly put my work aside and read the post again. The title “Chinese Bamboo” sparked my curiosity. I went to Amazon and downloaded Aleph, thinking along the way that it takes mere 24 hours for a book to be available in the Kindle library – after the author lets it go, that is.

With the Kindle charging by my side, I resumed formatting my book: I have to send it; I have to push it out to the world! There was still that pressing feeling of an important message waiting for me. I gave in and turned the reader on. I was instantly hooked. The humor, the flow, the intensity – all was perfect, as it was in perfect resonance with my state of being. I read on until – there it was, in perfect words, just for me: “Make a commitment!”

All I need to do is to make a commitment. This commitment is to be made to me, to who I am, and not to anyone else, for when and only when you commit to yourself can people join you, assist you in your endeavor, as every one has a chance to stand free in their own will and power. None ever commits to you – you inspire others to commit to who they are by setting an example. And then you see your light in the eyes of another. What a beauty! What a world we create!

P.S. I make a commitment to create a Kindle edition of “Orange Wings” as well as to send it to print with the CreateSpace Publishing before April 20th. I make a commitment to bring a hard copy to sign with my words of gratitude and appreciation for Paulo when I meet him in Barcelona on April 20th. I make a commitment to share my journey in my next book that is to be set free with ease, as innocent in its imperfection as we are.

A comment to Paulo Coelho's blog post 3.000.000 Twitter, 02-01-2012

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